Why is setting up a website during a Covid-19 lockdown beneficial to your business?

Why is setting up a website during a Covid-19 lockdown beneficial to your business?
In this post you can read about the benefits of taking your business online.
benefits of taking your business online

What would be the point of adding a website to your business’s portfolio during these times? Well, most industry sectors were hit hard throughout the duration 2020 following the devastation of Covid-19 everywhere.


Just like its predecessors, this third lockdown spells even more disaster for businesses that only have a physical storefront and offer their services on a D-T-C (direct-to-consumer) basis.

More so in some parts of the country when it comes to those who had previously been following the strict guidelines of the tiered system.


For owners of businesses that potentially fall into this category, it may seem like there is nothing that can be done in order to salvage any level of sales and keep their business above water.


If this is you, there is nothing that could be more beneficial than introducing your business to the online world and setting up a website. This way you won’t have to rely on passing trade alone and your customers won’t be required to be able to make it to you meaning your targets are reachable once more and could even be surpassed.

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Lets say you did add a new, shiny website to your portfolio; Not only are sales more possible, but your reachable audience has now been expanded ten-fold.

This would then carry through and set you up for further success post-lockdown, geographically speaking; With a website you can be there for your customers viewing pleasure anytime, anywhere.


Just think about that for a second.


While most of us are stuck at home, majority of people are turning to their phones, laptops and tablets for entertainment, socials. quite frankly, for anything to pass the time.

With this in mind, there may be many a potential customer out there that may not even know about the existence of your business, all when they are but a simple click away just because they’re not local enough.


So how do you reel in your new prospects?

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Including optimization (SEO) and different marketing strategies, there are many tools out there that can be used to tailor who sees the site and how.

One marketing strategy that can be used to boost the early success of your new website being Social Media Advertising.

Why shouldn’t you make other people’s increased screen-time work in your favor. Social media takes up a large proportion of online hours and you can put yourself right in the middle of it, with Facebook being the front-runner of available platforms and Instagram definitely being a very close second.


You can spotlight specific services or products, as well as your business as a whole. There are a number of ways your ads can be displayed, whether it be as a banner, sidebar or one of the many other styles of ad you can choose from.

You can even place ads that are shown within the ‘stories’ feature on a number of platforms that have a ‘swipe up’ element. This leads straight to the landing page. Regardless of whether it is that of a specific product or the business itself that has taken their interest.

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There is nothing better than be able to let the quality of a product or service speak for itself. But when the experience you can offer clients moves online, you will then have more credibility as a business.


This is because:


  • The customer can easily see what your business is truly about, as well as your products/services and how you operate.


  • Clients can engage with you and your services in a contact-free way, putting less risk to themselves. This is important for those who may be shielding and especially those who are immuno-compromised.


  • Any changes you have made for the protection of customers and staff alike can be easily seen such as the provision of sterilization stations, service changes (delivery or pick-up only for instance)


  • A more open channel of connectivity can be accessed with provision of contact details and an FAQ page that address any questions that they may have. Removing the need of visiting a help desk and of course is completely contact free.


  • They will also be able to see the experiences of previous clients by reading reviews and testimonials. Potentially allowing them to make more of an informed decision, taking into account how your Covid guideline performance stands up against the rest.


These additions build trust with the consumer, putting yourself at the forefront of the competition – whether you are able to utilize your store-front on a restricted basis or not.

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Potential customers can able see how forward thinking you are and, if they do wish to visit in person, they have the assurance that their safety is at the foundation of your mission.


Whether from Liverpool or London. A (previously) tier 2 or tier 4 area. No matter the physical location of your business, there are an abundance of reasons why moving into the world is the best thing you could do for both the health and maintenance of your business.

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We at Digital Media Bridge are web design specialists, offering a whole host of services such as branding and graphic design, multi-marketing strategies and custom built packages that are tailored to your individual requirements – to name but a few.


We can assist in taking the initial first step in opening your business to a whole host of possibilities amidst the restrictions of our new world.


Get in touch with us today to begin your journey.

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