Why have a wedding website?

Wedding Website Design
In this post you can read about the benefits of having a Wedding website and more.

Every young girl contemplates her dream wedding day – the flowing white dress, an array of beautiful flowers by the ‘bouquet’ load. All the stresses that come along with it, don’t make an appearance until the time comes.

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

With a wedding website, plan and organize your big day with ease.


The benefits for you

You can easily display and manage all of your events, invitations/RSPV list, locations, to-do list, preferred contact details and everything else, preferred dress code, etc. all in one place. Things couldn’t be made anymore manageable during the run up to the big day.



Say there’s an important update that you need to share with everyone – the bridesmaids, the best man and, of course, the guests. All you need to do is publish a post on your page explaining whatever it may be. Voila – all at the same time everyone can see it on your page, the wedding party and guests alike.


Allowing you to cut out so much time from going through each person one by one. Leaving you more breathing room to apply yourself to managing other important tasks.


Or perhaps, for whatever reason, you don’t want to have to post every time you want to inform the entire entourage about something.  You can still cut the time spent on contacting everyone with an inbuilt emailing list. You can send out the same information in a group email with just one click.


As we have already said, all of your event times, destinations and directions can be managed and shown in plain sight, the most important elements being the date, time and location of the wedding itself to save any crossed wires. The reception and any post wedding events, should you have any, such as brunch the following morning should also be shown. This means that you can be sure all necessary information has been included, which can be changed or edited should you of missed anything out.


Task and event management

Going back to the topic of managing all of the tasks. Do you feel like your to-do list is never ending? Untangle the stresses of trying to keep on top of everything.


You can do this by putting together a physical to-do list for your own viewing only. It can be added to, or edited, at a later date. This means you won’t have the unnecessary stress of trying to remember everything from the top of your head. Why not let a wedding site help manage the itinerary for you.


This is also linked to some of our previous points, were literally anything that has been organized can be included. Although if there’s any closed-invitation gatherings, it’s probably best to not show these on the site in order to save leaving any of the other guests feeling left out.


Next, you can utilize website amenities for invitations- collecting your guests email details means you can go paperless and use electronic invites instead. Helping the planet as well as yourself of course. Who wouldn’t want to be more eco-friendly?  This will also eliminate the multiple costs of printing and postage services.


Following the invites, next comes your RSVP list. This isn’t something you’ll want to repeatedly chase up, if there are those who remain unresponsive. An online RSVP list, will continually update as the responses roll in, in real-time. When required, you will know exactly who needs a follow-up.



The benefits don’t just apply to the practical application of the site. Your site can make the whole experience of the preparation process so much more personalized to you and your beloved.


Something that can make it even more special is you can even have elements such as a countdown to the date and time of your wedding. With our services after the big day countdown has reached 0, it can then commence as a reverse-counter, displaying how long it has been since you guys happily tied the knot.


The introduction of your main page should then be how your story began and got to where it is. There isn’t anybody that doesn’t enjoy a charming love story. Try to keep it short and sweet-. Around one or two short paragraphs if possible. Those who read it aren’t looking for a novel and just an insight into your journey together as a happy couple.


Every wedding has a theme and this doesn’t have to stop at your website. Use the same corresponding color themes on your page and make it a more altogether experience for both you and your guests.


You can also  include a gallery displaying some of you and your partner’s happiest moments – the engagement photos. Although, as loverly.com superbly put, just be sure to not overwhelm everyone with a too many pictures. Making a shortlist of the moments that are special and most treasured, will make the collection even more exceptional.


If you’re social-savvy, your wedding may have a hash-tag. Incorporate this into your website. Tell your guest to remember to use the tag. Any pictures that they can then be adapted directly uploaded to your chosen page. This way you won’t have to scroll through pages to see the moments they’ve captured.


Ok, so maybe all of this sounds like a dream made even more fantastical. But what about privacy? All of that is in hand. Password protect your site and all of the crucial details that have been put on there. Allowing only those with intended viewership to gain access.


After the big day

Memories are golden and having a wedding website will mean that your wedding has been forever immortalized online. Everything from the pictures, all the way up to how long you have been together will be held all in one special place, allowing you to reminisce about one of your happiest days together.


How will having a site help your guests?

Not only will using a wedding website make everything so much easier and stress free for you. You can give your guests a place within which they can find any and all information that they may need regarding the big day, and everything else leading up to it.


A huge plus for respondents is the RSVP list can now be automated and online. For them this means no fuss, bothering with stamps and stationery – or needing to make sure they remember to send it out. Just a click of a button and they’ve responded, just like that.


Furthermore, this is more indispensable for those residing abroad, removing overseas shipping (for both of you). All of this is both described, and displayed, beautifully by gettingmarried.co.uk on their RSVP information and testimonials page.


Something that can’t be forgotten on your website, is nearby accommodation and transportation. Whether it be a place to stay the night before, or a longer stay for those who’ll be joining rehearsal dinners, etc. This will be found particularly useful, and won’t go unnoticed.


Not only will your guests need to know potential boarding and how to get around. It would be a great idea to also include potential spots that they can visit, such as cafés and restaurants. As well as even activities to do in the morning of the big day whilst you’re both getting ready for that long-anticipated altar.


With one of our pages, a Google maps element can be added. Giving visual support and added simplicity to the information you have provided.


What will a Wedding Website cost?

If you are wanting a Wedding website, there are a number of options available.

There a plenty of free template providers at your disposal, some of which will also provide a paid, premium option. Not only this but you can have access to paid templates, and of course you can always hire a professional designer to build your site for you – like us!

Here are a couple of the free options that you can be sure you can’t go wrong with:

Although not a platform built specifically for wedding websites, they are certainly a front-runner in the web-design world. Meaning they offer multiple great designer made wedding website templates with drag and drop customization – making the process so much more simple through out . Not only this, they do also offer premium options ranging from £3 – £18 per month, all of which include a custom domain.

This is a site specifically for wedding website application. Available there are over 160 categorized templates to choose from; most popular, modern, floral, botanical, rustic and of course, classic. They also offer custom site domains for £12.99/$20. Although you will be required to do the site customization yourself, they have an accompanying app, so management of your site couldn’t be easier.

As the name suggests, this is also a site-building platform specifically directed at weddings. So you can be sure that what they’re offering will have all that you need. Including an inbuilt RSVP list, and accommodation and registry inclusion. There are a multitude of delightful design templates available and so you have plenty to choose from.

As featured in a collaborated blog with junebugweddings.com, Joy provides many beautiful templates designs. Offering a guest management tool and online RSVPs. Not only this but you can also make use of photo sharing, as mentioned in this article. There is also a supporting app that has the capabilities to allow guests to connect with one another, amongst other things.

As well as free template platforms, there are also a multitude of paid service providers, including ourselves:

Specialists in the field of graphic design, as well as website design, a crucial component in building sites of this nature. Services are offered on a subscription basis. There’s three pre-set packages to choose from, all including a custom domain and the main elements mentioned in this article. There are also a number of add-on services to choose from too.

Prices range from £97 for a self-managed (with some assistance if required), basic template-built design – with a web-hosting/service fee of £20/month. And up to £497 for a fully managed, fully customized template or bespoke site – with daily progress updates and a custom-made, animated wedding invitation video – this package includes a monthly web-hosting/service fee of £30/month.

After two weeks of free use, a paid purchase is necessary.

Fees are $12(£8.83) monthly for 1 year, $16 ($11.77) month by month for hosting. With an added $20(£14.72) for the purchase of a custom domain. They offer 8 beautiful wedding-specific website templates. With full customization ability and being able to view updates as they’re created – not having to preview your site separately – these guys are a solid choice for sure.

With a bespoke service on offer, they will take you through their 5 step process and promise to deliver your new site in 6 weeks for £1500. They don’t just offer website building and have many add-on services too such as paper invites and matching stationary.


Why hire a designer to create your site?

Ok. So now you know all of the elements that your website should have, the benefits to having one in the first place, as well as where you can find your potential templates or service provider. So, why would you want to have someone else build it for you?


Firstly, think of all the further time that can be saved just by having a professional build it for you.


With an expert at the helm you can be sure that the creation and completion of your site can be executed with complete calm and finesse without distraction. All the while, you can continue your preparations and set the finite foundations of your wedding which can be added to your site.


Now this isn’t to say that you wouldn’t be able to produce a great site under your own advisement. Although, with a vast array of expertise, a web design expert will be able to produce outstanding results for you, in a fraction of the time, to a very high standard.


You can fully entrust the duties to their expert eye. All the while, you will still have control of how your site elements will be presented, as well as what is to be included.


You will never be alone – you will have access to the network of your service provider’s support team should an issue ever arise after the completion of the site. If you have a general query or if you require any changes to be made (should the services you opted for include this), you’ll be sure to have access to assistance. Meaning you won’t be left feeling like you’re in dark.



A wedding website is a complete must have for all couples who are preparing to tie the knot. Cutting stresses and boosting efficiency during the entire run up to your wedding, for everyone involved. Meaning having one is an assumed necessity.

Not only this but the connectivity between you and your guests can now be more than just a string of time-sensitive questions and answers. Bringing your own little (or big) wedding community even closer together than was previously possible.

Your site can be spruced up and personalized to your choosing, and will hold your most cherished memories for as long as you wish to keep the site running.

Following this, despite there being many simply stunning options available, when it comes to free and paid templates; nothing compares to the comprehensive provision of services given by an industry expert, providing you with a polished site that will stand the test of time.

We hope that this has served you well on helping you to decide about setting up a wedding website of your own, and wish you luck on your wedding journey!

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