5 Ways to Improve Readability and Legibility
5 ways to improve readability and legibility

5 Ways to Improve Readability and Legibility

5 Ways to Improve Readability and Legibility

5 ways to improve readability and legibility

So you’ve carefully thought through your business’s marketing strategy and how you will get it seen by the masses.

Say this is the case and you’re having a good level of success with getting people to the site.

But are they clicking through, or is your bounce rate on the rise?

business marketing strategy bounce rate click keyword

There could be many reasons for this. Start from the simplest solutions  to ensure that nothing has been missed. The initial step you should go through is ensuring the site’s readability, as well as legibility, is up to scratch.

Less is sometimes more:

seositecheckup.com reference data previously accumulated by Nielson Norman group, which states that under 80% of users online will proof read any page they enter online. Following this only 16% will read a page in its entirety. Not only this but they show that data collected more recently shows only around 28% of a page will be read before the viewer clicks away.

Keeping our previous statement in mind, often times it is too easy to overload pages with information. Especially landing pages. You would do well to lose the visual noise where possible. This will greatly improve readability, making everything much more organized and pleasing to the eye.

If you have multiple landing pages, the relevancy of some information will vary. Be aware of this and show only what is necessary. This includes what the potential client will be expecting to see. Whether it be a particular product or the home page of your site depending on what link they’ve used to get to you.

As well as this, a small amount of relevant, supporting, imagery is key. Any branding to identify your company by should definitely be included. Also remember to provide your contact details should they wish to get in touch.

If you wish to offer links to other appropriate pages, make sure that they’re fitting with what they are already seeing. Write a descriptor, explaining in simple terms what they can expect to be shown on the next page. For example: ‘Here you can find more on our xyz services’.

That’s it!

site readability legibility

Use Suitable Fonts and Text Sizes:

As far as legibility is concerned, using an unreasonably small font size is a big no no. At the same time, although rarely a problem, using font sizes that are too large can make some headlines dominate the page a little too much and be a little overbearing – in context of course.

Be sure to find a balance in chosen text sizes. Sometimes it can be beneficial to have a variation of font sizes. This will depend on the context relationship is of your text and its subject, and will improve the dynamism of the page. Is an even better idea to offer a text size editor, increasing your site’s accessibility for those who are visually impaired and require further assistance.

suitable font text size headline context

Don’t Block Text Together:

We touched up on this point in the SEO section of a previous blog of ours, centred around ways that can potentially help to boost site traffic. But it is for certain a necessity to reiterate the point for this subject matter also.

If your sentence and paragraph lengths aren’t properly managed, you will be left with is chunks of text that don’t really follow a flow. When there aren’t many text breaks, it will be more difficult for the reader to scan information. This is a crucial stage of the readers decision making when choosing if they want to continue and read through any page or text in its entirety.

Also vary your sentence lengths. As we have said, this will help with the flow of the text and information. Making it a lot easier to take in and digest. By regulating the length of sentences, you will also make it more easier to properly section off your paragraphs. Making it possible to create links, from one paragraph to the next.

block text seo boost site traffic subject sentence paragraph

Organize Text Sections:

If all of the provided information is essential, you can still visually break it up further by bullet pointing parts.

We are naturally more drawn towards things that are structured and easily understandable. By bullet-pointing, you can create an indent in the text and provide more organizational structure. Giving more appeal from the reader’s first glance.

Other than bullet pointing, you can use sub-headings to create true sections within your page. Try not to make these too long. Just a few words that are straight the point will suffice. This will further help the reader, when scanning through, to determine if your information is helpful to them.

text section break bullet point structure reader glance heading section

Colour Choices Matter:

Not only is it important to mind your text sizes. Colours that are too similar or are simply garish to the eye when used together can be very off-putting. Especially when it comes to text and background juxtaposition.

If a viewer can’t comfortably read what is in front of them upon entering the site, they won’t want to continue on any further. Leading them to likely find information or services elsewhere. Using a plain, non-textured background can also help with legibility here.

Certain colours will also in fact affect the feeling conveyed by your pages. Emotions/feelings of calm, urgency (think clearance sales), reliability – and many others – can be encouraged depending on your business is visually represented.

colour choice text background read site viewer reader


There are many simple ways that both readability and legibility can be improved. Without properly applying these elements to a page, it will appear both overwhelming and unappealing to any new reader. Whether looking for a product or service, or merely searching for information.

Regardless of the reason for their visit to your page, you want it to be a positive one that will leave a good impression at the first glance – quite literally.

Create simple landing pages showing only necessary information and make the prospects decision of using your page an easy one.

We are aware that we haven’t covered absolutely everything that can be done to improve the legibility and readability of a page, just the ones we feel are the most important for page success.

Are you struggling with your site's performance?

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